Change right away!

Eto na siguro yung sinasabi sa mga nababasa ko na you get impatient with yourself. Yung gusto mo matured at buo na agad character mo… pero hindi. Hindi mo magawa in a snap because it takes time. Most of the better things taste better in time (exclude perishable goods, of course) pero ‘diba nga yung wine? Hindi ba’t mas masarap ang prutas na hininog naturally ng panahon kaysa sa artificially processed i.e., binabad sa CO2 o kinarburo etc.? With every circumstance we choose not to get knocked down, we get stronger and better every time. We must not let our weaknesses as a person overcome us. <—- That requires real effort.

Mag-bigay tayo ng example. Mula sa pagiging mapagkumbaba sa pag-amin ng isang pagkakamali, buong-buo, at hindi na maghahanap pa ng mapagsisisihan o mapagdadahilan makaiwas lang sa responsibilidad; hanggang sa pagsauli ng grocery item na unconsciously mong nabitbit hanggang sa paglabas mo ng Supermarket *major shame*, I tell you– It’s not going to be easy. Facing the possible consequences of your actions will never be easy. Minsan gugustuhin mong mamatay nalang for a moment there. Pero hindi. A mature person will be responsible enough to account himself to that given action. It requires real courage, and it’s going to buff your character up along the way. I promise you, after all the ‘hardwork’ that person had, the end is going to be of worth. You know, it helps whenever I think of life as a test… including the microdetails in life na madalas we respond to negatively. Example? Yung hyped na hyped kang nanunood sa ng paborito mong Koreanovela at ang timely na pagkabagal ng internet connection. Sakto, ‘di ba? I know we all hate buffering videos but it takes REAL ATTITUDE para itawa nalang ang pagkababaw ng problemang ito. NAKS. Remember life is a test. Hinga muna ng malalim. Mind over matter. It’s all about attitude! Now here’s a little formula to keep in mind:

“Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words.
Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions.
Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits.
Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character.
Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny.”
-Author unknown

Got that aback from my fifth grade. It’s actually a little poem I’ve seen flashed on our computer subject’s PC uniform desktop background...okay ang haba nun) as you can see it all goes deep down to our thoughts. I say that if thoughts were the seed of our character, then destiny would be the the fruit of our character.

So start working that right kind attitude…and get to build that good character for a great future. Every decision you make today counts. It either builds or destroys your pathway to success.

Oh, and about the title… you can’t change right away if you want to transform from inwards to out. Plus, this post goes out to the author, too! 😉