The whole world watches you

I’ve been browsing much of my stuff lately, from good ol’ academic, literal paper, to the ones I have in my loppy. So here’s one of my latest tech-eological finds:

The whole world watches you.

We live in the day and age where broadcast media has become a powerful tool that continuously shapes our beliefs, sets the norm and influences our daily lives. It has come to such a point that it has also taken into its custody the political arena.

What does that make out of us? What does it give us?

With the hopes of ensuing you towards “cracking” whatever ideology broadcast media has– I present to you (drumroll please!)…………… the HUNGER GAMES trilogy!

(If you’re well aware of what HG is, you might consider skipping this fluffy intro.)

HUNGER GAMES. Panem is a nation divided into twelve districts under the hegemony of a totalitarian government (headed by the dictatorial President Snow), whose seat of power is a utopian city, called the ‘Capitol”.

Every year since the Dark Days (which occurred 75 years before the events of The Hunger Games), the Capitol hosts an event called the Hunger Games. The Games consist of a gladiatorial combat fought amongst twenty-four children (tributes) aged 12–18, with one boy and one girl chosen by lottery from each district. This is held annually by the Capitol as a propaganda for anti-rebellion.

Tool.Broadcast media, by essence, is a tool used to spread message with a great wide coverage—and quick. That would mean that it is that powerful, it can change a person’s beliefs that easy. The Capitol recognizes this. In order to prevent the start of uprisings, they televise Hunger Games so that indirectly, people from other districts would keep themselves from going against the government, because “HUNGER GAMES” is what happens to those who do so.

Censorship. You might also be aware of how the media people in HG filters what to put on screen. When Katniss honored Rue’s death by covering her up with flowers, it was mistaken by the HG organizers/staffs as an act of rebellion that they did not flash it up on the screen.

There are things that the broadcast industry keeps from us. They have to protect the interests and the welfare of their stockholders (else they might get sued). As for the case of dictatorial/communist/socialist/totalitarian government, they heavily control media content because it has the greatest potential to flicker any form of “rebellion” or “movement against” the government. They realize how great the potential of mass media is as a tool in influencing and mobilizing people.

Katniss the protagonist…it’s a business, put on a good show. Katniss was trained by her mentor, Haymitch, to be liked by people. They have turned her to this admireable young girl so that whenever she pleases viewers, she would attract sponsors. Attracting sponsors would mean getting donations. Getting donations would mean survival.

In the light of broadcast media, media firms must always have the “pleasing effect” to those who “sponsor” them— stockholders, clients, everything business, so that they would attract more “sponsorship” from these money generators, and that these firms be funded to survive.

Not everything we see or hear on tv and radio is real – broadcast media exists for money, and because of money. ($__$)

Broadcast Media is powerful.

It can either build a state, or destroy one

Because indeed, the whole world watches you.

Posted on my other blog which I’ve already put down for no valid reason at all, dated October 2, 2012.


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